The Covingtons 1.3

05-22-17_2-41-53 PM.png

‘Great, just what I needed right before work.  Today of all days!’  Mara let out an exasperated sigh as water was flooding the bathroom.

-What, pregnancy life not treating you well there Mara?-

‘Har har, very funny.  You know tonight is a big night why can’t you just magically fix these!  My promotion is on the line, and this parasite had me up all night…everything I touch breaks, ugh!’

“You alright in there honey?”  Salim called from the kitchen.

-Dawww he called you honey!  How sweet, and yes the pun was intentional.-

Mara rolled her eyes up at the ceiling, ‘You’re so lame for an omnipresent being, whatever I have to get out of here, the water is everywhere.’

“Yea, I’m coming out!”  She yelled back.

05-22-17_2-43-20 PM

“There’s my girl!  How are we feeling today?”  Salim asked sweetly as he pulled her into his arms.

Mara’s brow furrowed, “We are feeling terrible…everything in the bathroom is broken and I don’t have the time to fix it, I’m exhausted this, this thing in me,”  She gestured towards her stomach, “Kept me up all night and I have the biggest performance of my career tonight and-”

05-22-17_2-43-03 PM

Salim pulled her closer and silenced her with a kiss.

“Hush, my love.  I’ll take care of the house, you just rest up and get ready for work.”

Mara gave him a smile and kissed him back, “Oh thank you!  You are too good for me, but I’ve gotta run see you later tonight!”

-Mara do you really think he’s gonna fix the bathroom while you’re gone?-

‘Um, why wouldn’t he?  He said he would.’

-Uh, well yes.  He did say that, but you clearly don’t know this sim as well as I do.-

‘And just what is that supposed to mean?  Salim is great!’

-Ooookay, whatever you say.-


05-22-17_3-00-58 PM

While Mara was away at work, Salim did what I do whenever I’m home.  Play The Sims all day!  I really thought he was going to be stuck on the computer for eight hours but he surprised me.

05-22-17_2-59-39 PM

He did all the dishes in the house and then went right back to The Sims…

05-22-17_3-04-15 PM

Not long after Salim went to bed (having played the Sims to near exhaustion) Mara came home!  Judging by the smile on her face I can see we might have some good news!

-So how did work go?  Get that promotion?!-

‘Heck yes!  You bet I did!  I am now the opening act, and if I work on my routines I might even get to be a jokesmith!  I wonder if Salim got around to the plants today…’  Mara looked exhausted despite her cheerfulness.

-Well, I wouldn’t hold your breath…-

05-22-17_3-07-55 PM

“Well, that was more exhausting than I thought it would be…” Mara muttered as she walked towards the front door, having just finished watering and weeding the garden.

05-22-17_3-08-38 PM

When she walked inside we were both pleased to find that the house remained intact and hadn’t burnt to the ground.

05-22-17_3-09-21 PM

But Mara quickly discovered that Salim had completely neglected to call the plumber out to fix literally everything in the bathroom.

05-22-17_3-10-37 PM

So she had to take matters into her own hands, which resulted in nearly flooding the entire bathroom.

05-22-17_3-12-18 PM

By the time Mara finished with all the chores, and cooked dinner it was long past midnight.  Since she was a little stressed from such a long day she decided to unwind with a little gaming despite the late hour.

05-22-17_3-15-06 PM

When Salim just waltzes in and plops down on the couch with just a simple, “Hey, babe.”

“Yea!  Take THAT Mannimarco!”

-Jeez, Mara, you might want to watch where you point that thing.  You almost knocked yourself out.

Mara just rolled her eyes, and then finally noticed Salim sitting next to her.

05-22-17_3-15-38 PM

“Oh, um hey.  Sooo…had a busy day I take it?”  Mara asked, still miffed about having to spend most of her night sprucing up the place.

Salim shrugged, “Eh, wasn’t that bad.  Did some dishes, played the Sims.  Okay well a lot of the sims, my family has come so far!  They used to live in a shack and now-”

“So you just sat there and played sims all day?!  All you had to do was call a plumber out to fix the bathroom!  I’m practically in my second trimester and my bladder is growing ever smaller,  I NEED A TOILET.”  She glared at him.

He chuckled nervously, “Oh.  I knew there was something I was forgetting to do!  Jeez, babe, it’s not that big of a deal.  I mean it got fixed in the end, right?  Your hormones are probably just making you overreact.”

05-22-17_3-15-58 PM

-Oooooooooh, no he didn’t!!!  Are you just going to sit there and let him play the hormone card, Mara?  He didn’t even ask you about your big night!

Mara just focused on the screen and on blowing up creatures she pretended were Salim with her magical abilities.

-Alright, fine.  Don’t let out your anger, just keep it all nice and locked up inside.  I’m sure that’ll work out in the end.   That can’t be good for the baby.

‘Ugh!  Just SHUT UP!’  Mara thought, rather loudly.   How rude!

Fine then, until next time.


Hey there!  I hope you enjoyed this chapter,  I decided to switch up my writing a little bit.   I’m still trying to find what works for me, but the inconsistency is making me a bit twitchy so I hope I figure it out soon.

Also, sorry it’s taken so long for this chapter.  I am still adjusting to some changes in my life and things are a little erratic now, to say the least.  

Anyhoo, Happy Simming!





The Covingtons 1.2

05-17-17_11-50-20 AM

So I got a little lazy and decided to download a cute house off the gallery instead of building one.  Apparently building a house on a laptop is a bigger pain than I thought!

Thank you to Rossumke for creating this house, you can find it for under $7k on the gallery. (Sans furniture)

05-17-17_11-50-47 AM

Since there wasn’t much money left over there wasn’t much I could do in the way of furniture, but I’m sure Mara will take care of that.

‘Say what now…this wasn’t a part of the deal and-‘

05-17-17_11-51-46 AM.png

Ahem!  As I was saying, here is the Kitchen.  A bit cramped and a lot beige, I’m sure something can be done to make this cute.

05-18-17_11-24-59 AM.png

Here is the bathroom, simple yet elegant-

‘Excuse you!  Can’t a girl pee in peace?’

Well I waited until you were done…

Mara just glares up at the ceiling.

05-17-17_11-52-24 AM.png

Last but not least we have a cute, yet small, loft bedroom.  This will probably be the first room to expand, we are going to need the space for her future spouse.

Speaking of spouses…

05-17-17_12-03-37 PM

Nice catch!

‘I know right?! Who knew I was such an angler’

Uhhh….getting hungry?

‘Maybe, why?’

*cough cough*  Oh, nothing…

(author’s note:  I love Salem Benali, it must be his little top bun or something.  Maybe the beard.  *shrug* A good portion of my sim families are related to him in some way.)

Mara turned and caught the aroma of burgers wafting over, and must have decided she was hungry after all.  But really it was that cute little top bun. 😉

‘HEY!  Cut that sh-‘

MARA, the children!  Anyway I’ll turn this over to her.  *Grabs popcorn*

05-17-17_12-15-11 PM.png

“Hey, my name is Mara.  I’m kinda new to the neighborhood and just wanted to say hi.  Is that…fruit?”  Mara wrinkled her nose.

The man next to her chuckled, “Yes that is fruit, I grilled it.  And my name is Salem.  Salem Benali.  It’s actually quite good,”  He gestured towards the plate, “Try some, I promise you it won’t disappoint.”  Salem winked at her.

05-17-17_12-15-52 PM.png

Mara looked at the browned fruit dubiously, and took a small plate.  Her eyes widened as she took a bite.  “Oh my god, that is good!”

05-17-17_12-21-41 PM.png

Salem laughed, “Right??”

05-17-17_12-21-04 PM.png

After chatting for awhile they both said their goodbyes and even exchanged numbers!  Do I detect the chaos of toddlers in the near future?!

‘Agh!  Would you just stop already!’

Fine, fine.

05-17-17_12-29-37 PM.png

Mara decides to finish up her day with a bit of gardening, she managed to find some flowers that were actually in bloom this early on.  I was pleasantly surprised, haha.

‘Don’t doubt my gardening skills, I am a botanist.  In fact, I think I could live just off the money I make selling these flowers.’

05-18-17_1-42-34 PM.png

Those are mounds of dirt…

05-18-17_1-44-52 PM.png

‘I see your point.  Okay, I might just need a part time thing until I get my garden up and going.’

Well, the whole wide world of Newcrest awaits you!  I’m sure we will all be eagerly awaiting your decision, but nobody wants to sit here and watch you stare at the wall for five hours while you try to decide what you want to do for a living.

So, until next time!

(Maybe we can get her to invite Salem over and have some fun…*laughs maniacally)

‘Hey!  I heard th-‘

You heard nothing.


The Covingtons 1.1

Welcome all to a new ISBI (I’m surrounded by Idiots) Challenge!  I still want to continue my other story, Dawn of The Others.  However I am having a hard time keeping up with it during classes.   So in the meantime, I have a fun new legacy for you to hopefully enjoy!

05-17-17_9-41-21 AM.png

Anywhoo meet Mara Covington, she is an outdoors enthusiast who loves plants and dreams of owning a beautiful flower garden on a grand estate that she can pass down to generation after generation.

05-17-17_11-19-21 AM.png

‘Wait, what.  Hold the phone.  Who are you exactly, and WHAT is happening here?’

I am your creator Mara, and I’m currently explaining how I want you to live your life  just going over with these lovely people what your plans are for the future.

*Smiles innocently*

05-17-17_11-21-47 AM.png

‘…Um.  There’s an audience?’


05-17-17_11-22-49 AM.png

‘And you created me?  How come I’ve never seen or heard anything like this before?!  OMG.  I’m going crazy.’

05-17-17_11-25-39 AM.png


NO Mara.  You aren’t crazy.  And I’m only appearing to you know because I chose to.  I created you and I can appear or disappear when I want.

‘So you just sat there and watched in 3rd grade when Ryan pantsed me in front of the whole class?’

05-17-17_11-26-07 AM.png



05-17-17_11-25-56 AM.png

Well…about that…

So anyway enough introductions for today, let’s let Mara go scavenge the neighborhood for collectibles.  Hopefully she’ll find enough so she can actually sleep on a bed tonight.

‘What?!  Where’s my house?!  What about a grand estate?!’

05-17-17_9-40-13 AM.png

Well…you see these things take time and-

Okay, fine.  Let’s just be honest.  It is way more fun this way.


Ah, that’s my girl.  Don’t worry I’ll catch you up to speed later.

Well now that she’s off doing her thing, time for the boring part.  The rules!

You can read the rules in their entirety here, I will touch on them briefly.


The current score will be posted at the end of each generation.  I know that is a long time to wait for the score, so if you are eager to see how things are going you can always check my spreadsheet.  There may be spoilers since I play ahead, but if you are still curious click here.


The heir, or torchholder, will be chosen equally using one of Pinstar’s succession laws.

  • Strict Equality: The founder may be of either gender. However, only children of the opposite gender to the founder are eligible to be named heir. This repeats itself for the next generation (the next heir must be a different gender than the previous heir) so that each generation will have alternating-genders as heirs.
  • Tolerant – The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status

For all the traits I will be using Pinstar’s random trait generator, to add some fun to game.


Contrary to what Mara thinks I am going to start her off with a simple house.  I accidentally moved her into San Myshuno without thinking so she only has $7,000 left after moving to Newcrest.  I don’t really feel like buying a bunch of knight statues and let them clutter up my inventory.  (As an MMO player I absolutely detest wasted inventory space)

Anywhoo, the torchholder is only ever allowed to move out of the estate to continue to build the neighborhood of Newcrest.  BUT the torchholder MUST sign the property over to their sibling who must continue to pass the house down to their children and so forth.  The torchholder must move back if their are no heirs left to inherit the house.

Enough of the rules!

Time for me to build Mara a house and watch the drama unfold!



Chapter 5:  Folklore & Legends

04-01-17_2-21-18 PM.png

Aaron sat and stared out into the forest, in front of him a notebook laid open with half scribbled thoughts covering the pages.  Next to the notebook were several volumes of gardening Encyclopedias.  He rubbed his eyes and let out a big sigh, he had spent weeks pouring over these heavy books and had yet to find anything remotely close to the plants that were growing down in the grotto, cave thing.

By now he had given up trying to find a way out.  The first few days he was allowed to have his own room and somewhat more freedom, he spent them exploring every nook and cranny.

04-01-17_2-33-26 PM (2)

04-01-17_2-34-05 PM (2)

He found that there were two doors that led outside, one was locked and no amount of budging or prying could get it to open.

04-01-17_2-31-44 PM (2).png

The other door led to a small patio with an easel and an outdoor shower.  Of course, he noticed this after running to the edge of the fence hoping he could jump or climb down.

04-01-17_2-32-15 PM (2)

04-01-17_2-12-21 PM (2).png

His last bit of hope drained away as he looked over the edge.  It was too high up to risk jumping, and there were thorny vines and brambles covering the entire wall preventing him from climbing down.

04-01-17_2-13-02 PM (2).png

Even the windows seemed stuck shut.

04-01-17_2-42-04 PM

At least I have windows…‘  He reflected, remembering how dark and depressing that dungeon was.

Suddenly the wind shifted and the sound of voices carried over to him, snapping him out of his thoughts.

04-01-17_2-42-24 PM.png

“-you may not,”  A female voice said curtly.   He recognized it as belonging to the woman who had imprisoned him here.

“But I’ve never seen a human before!  This might be my only chance…”  A strange female voice said petulantly.  Her words fading as the wind changed directions again.

04-01-17_2-48-21 PM.png

Aaron started as he realized what was being said.  ‘Never seen a human?’  He thought, puzzled.  ‘What on earth is going on?!’

He scrambled away from the chair and raced inside trying to get a glimpse of the woman who spoke.

04-01-17_2-48-44 PM.png

By the time he got to the window there was no one there, but he caught just a glimpse of somebody disappearing into the distance.

04-01-17_2-54-59 PM.png

Feeling confused he turned around and sunk into the sofa.  After staring aimlessly at the books for several minutes one title, in particular, caught his eye.

04-01-17_2-56-09 PM.png

04-01-17_2-56-51 PM.png

Folklore & Legends Vol. 2 Flora

04-01-17_3-00-18 PM.png

‘I wonder…’  His confusion slowly turned to curiosity as he flipped through the pages.  It listed magical properties for a ridiculous amount of herbs and plants.  As he flipped through he saw all the plants that were in the encyclopedias he had spent the past several weeks scouring, as well as a few he had never even heard of before.

04-01-17_3-01-13 PM.png

“THAT’S IT!”  He exclaimed,  finally finding information on one of the plants he was supposed to be tending.  He had no idea what any of the plants were or how to care for them so every morning he had just been watering them and hoping for the best.  He was pleased to see they didn’t need any special nutrients or much sunlight but found out that adding a certain type of manure would make the plants thrive and if the plants thrived…he could go home!  Maybe…hopefully.

Still, he was cheered up by the thought of going home, even though it wasn’t a guarantee.

04-01-17_3-02-09 PM.png

With a new spring in his step, he bounded down the staircase and into the grotto.  A tiny bit of hope sparked in his chest.

04-01-17_3-03-34 PM.png



Sorry for the unexpectedly long hiatus, I recently went back to school (After about 5 years) and am super busy between homework and work.  I still plan on posting more chapters and the next one will be up tomorrow since this was kind of short.  However, updates will be irregular for now; at least until I get my personal life balanced out.  I am going to shoot for at least one chapter a week at a bare minimum.

Thank you for understanding!


Chapter 4:  The Decaying Garden

02-26-17_5-14-57 PM.png

Aaron frowned.  Something was off…he sat up in bed to find a pair of icy blue eyes staring at him.  It was almost as if those eyes could read his thoughts.

He chuckled at the thought, like people can read minds.  He frowned again when he realized the woman was still staring at him.

02-26-17_5-15-42 PM.png

“Wh- What d-do you want?”  Aaron winced at the sound of his voice, hoarse from disuse.  He wanted to sound stern, intimidating, but he just sounded like a scared little boy.

02-26-17_5-10-34 PM.png

The woman smiled but said nothing.  After a moment she stood up and went to unlock the door.  As she turned the handle she gestured for Aaron to follow her, and abruptly disappeared through the door.

Aaron stood dumbfounded.  What was going on?

‘Am I finally free?’  He thought, careful not to get his hopes up to much.  It couldn’t be this easy.  He tried following her so fast he nearly tripped over his covers as he got out of bed.

02-26-17_5-21-36 PM.png

When he finally made it past the door, he paused for a moment to survey the hallway he found himself in.  It was obviously in some ancient structure, maybe an old manor?   There cobwebs and cracks everywhere.  Aaron could hear faint creaking sounds above him.

He was distracted from his thoughts by a polite cough and looked up to see the woman disappearing down the hall.

02-26-17_5-52-35 PM.png

He hurried after her, feeling more awake than he had in who knows how long.  Even if he wasn’t being set free, at least he was getting a change of scenery.

At the end of the hall they continued up a flight of steps and into another hallway.

02-26-17_5-53-29 PM.png

His nervousness grew as they neared the end of the hallway, he could see a faint, eerie light coming through the cracks in the door.

02-26-17_5-58-05 PM.png

The woman inserted a key into the lock, and pushed it open.  He followed her through and soon found himself in what looked like some sort of grotto.  A misty haze of soft green light settled over the cavern.  He gasped at the sight.

02-26-17_5-59-48 PM.png

There were all kinds of plants around him, a lot of them looked unfamiliar but he did recognize a few to his surprise.  Even though he wasn’t much of a gardener, his mother was.  She had hoped to open up the first park in Newcrest, but that was before…

02-26-17_6-01-58 PM.png

Aaron suddenly realized he had almost forgotten about that strange lady, when he saw her standing in front of what looked like a decaying apple tree.

Not all of the apples left looked to far gone and the site of them made his mouth water.  He went over and started to grab one when the woman put her hand on his chest to stop him.

“Don’t.”  She quiet voice that resonated with power, “These are not edible, they will make you very ill.”

Aaron didn’t want to believe her, he could imagine finally feeling full after so long.  But her powerful words prevented him from going any further.

02-26-17_6-05-17 PM.png

She took her hand away and gazed at him, “You will now be working in my garden.  You must revive these plants, they must be of the best quality for what I need.  Now, come with me.  I will show you to your new lodgings, of course you have free reign of my garden.  Just mind the cowplant, Beaufort doesn’t take well to strangers.”

02-26-17_6-05-59 PM.png

Aaron stood there dumbfounded, ‘Cowplant?’

“I just want to go home, what if I don’t want to take care of your old dead plants?” he said balling his hands into tight fists.



The woman slowly turned around and raised an eyebrow at him, “You would rather go back to being stuck in that old room?”

02-26-17_6-10-16 PM.png

He felt doubtful.  Yes he wanted out, but to actually get out.  Not get forced into being free labor.

Seeing there wasn’t really any other option, he let out a sigh and followed her as she wound her way through the plants.

02-26-17_6-17-11 PM.png

At least if he was working in the garden, he might be able to snag some extra food every now and then, besides maybe he could use a trowel to dig a tunnel out of here.

He nervously chuckled to himself at the thought.

“So how do you expect me to revive your garden?  I’ve never worked with plants, I have no idea what to do,”  Aaron asked after a moment.

02-26-17_6-16-43 PM.png

“I have plenty of books on the subject, your welcome to read them at your leisure.”  She responded, continuing her swift pace.

He was confused, “wait…what?  I’m not going back to that cell?”

She suddenly came to a stop in front of a large staircase.

02-26-17_6-19-11 PM.png

“As I just stated, as long as you’re making progress with the plants, and tending to Beaufort, you can have free reign of this place.  But you cannot leave.”  She simply said, and started climbing the old stairs.

After reaching the top she called out, “We’re here.”

Aaron was exhausted after spending so much time walking around, the last thing he wanted to do was climb these awful stairs.  “What do you mean?!  Where’s here?”  He muttered feeling slightly annoyed, and more than a little nervous.

02-26-17_6-21-49 PM.png

“Your new home,” she said almost casually, over her shoulder to him.

He stood there for a moment, slightly taken aback.  Feeling a mixture of emotions, Aaron slowly trudged up the creaking staircase.

02-26-17_6-24-09 PM.png


A/N:  Sorry for the long chapter!  I kinda wanted to scoot things along so the story wouldn’t drag along in the beginning.  So I really hope you enjoyed reading!  ❤

Chapter 3:  The Strange Visitor

02-25-17_4-34-39 PM.png

Aaron gasped as a gorgeous woman dressed in old victorian style clothes entered the room.  She looked absolutely stunning, there was an almost ethereal quality to her beauty.

02-25-17_4-35-36 PM.png

He sat there staring at this woman wordlessly as she set a sandwich and a glass of orange juice down.

02-25-17_4-31-16 PM.png

She gave him an odd look, before soundlessly retreating.  When he heard the lock click into place he let out the breath he didn’t realize he was holding.

02-25-17_4-31-39 PM.png

His hungry gaze instantly went down to the food, and before he knew it the food was gone way to soon.



Aaron felt slightly better, but he felt more tired now than before.  His stomach still rumbled hungrily for more food but he tried to push that feeling out of mind as he sank back down onto the bed.  As he laid down he noticed he smelled terribly, but he certainly wasn’t about to use that old toilet to wash up…

At some point he fell asleep, with nothing else to do he found himself doing a lot of that lately.

02-25-17_4-48-29 PM.png

The strange woman came back every now and then.  Sometimes she left a glass of water, or on rarer occasions a glass of ice cold orange juice.  And just when he was so hungry he thought he couldn’t bear it anymore, she would leave him a meager sandwich.  Just enough to take the edge off.

02-25-17_4-32-52 PM.png

Because of his deprived state, he no longer questioned mundane things like the passing of time, or how to escape.  For him there was no escape, the only thing he had to look forward to was his next chance at food.


And after countless visits, he still failed to notice that the strange woman left no footprints as she came and went from the room.

Chapter 2: Time Stands Still

02-25-17_10-39-30 AM.png

It could have been days, hours or merely even minutes since Aaron had woken up in this strange little room.

Although he was fairly sure at least a few hours had passed.  But it wasn’t like there was anyway to tell, there were no clocks, or even windows in this cramped prison.


He sighed, and laid back on the bed.  Being stuck in this stuffy, dirty room was starting to make him restless.  His home back in Newcrest was very open and was surrounded by wildlife and greenery.  So, naturally he never spent much time inside.

02-19-17_7-59-38 PM (2).png

Aaron continued thinking about home, he wondered what his mother and his crazy siblings were up to.  He was worried for them.


Ever since his stepfather had died 8 years ago, he had been helping raise his brother and sisters.

02-24-17_12-19-59 PM.png

He missed them so much.  He just wanted to go home!  His sadness quickly turned into anger, and he leapt off the bed and began pounding and kicking at the door hoping to break through it.

02-24-17_12-16-16 PM.png

Blinded by his anger, he failed to notice the strange breeze that seemed to blow through the cracks in the wall behind him, followed by a faint hissing noise.

02-25-17_10-53-52 AM.png

The last thing he remembered before his world went dark, was the feeling of something sharp pricking his skin.

02-25-17_2-23-04 PM.png

When Aaron woke up, he found himself laying crumpled on the cold, stone floor.  With the events from the day (had it been that long?) before fuzzy and hard to recall.

He was so thirsty and hungry, it would have been hard to think about anything else anyway.  His head was pounding and he was starting to think he was going to starve here.  Aaron managed to crawl somewhat onto the bed, but it took what little energy he had left.

02-24-17_12-17-57 PM.png

Some indeterminable amount of time later, he heard a soft rapping at the door. At first he could hardly believe what he was hearing and thought his mind was playing tricks with him…until the quiet knocking continued.

02-24-17_12-17-12 PM.png

He was frantically wondering what to do when the door slowly creaked open.

02-25-17_2-28-58 PM.png

Aaron let out a gasp.