The Culpepper’s Chapter 1.3

 Today started out fantastic, the email she sent to the interim mayor of a new neighborhood called Newcrest had finally gotten back to her.

08-14-17_9-41-09 PM

They were approved for a nice sized plot of land in the middle of the town!  It was super cheap, because they were trying to entice people to move in and fill up the neighborhood.  She and Baako would have to build their house there but it was such a nice place & the perfect spot to start a family,  so she didn’t mind.

08-14-17_9-41-59 PM

After finally rousing him out of bed, she decided to take Baako out for lunch to celebrate the fantastic news.  He didn’t know anything about it yet, she didn’t want to get his hopes up if they weren’t approved, and well he had been a little distant lately.   Coreline figured it was just work-related stress, sometimes it was hard to find a well paying gig, and if it was anything major she assumed he would tell her.

08-14-17_9-44-42 PM

After finally getting him out of bed and dressed, amidst much grumping.  Coreline looked around at the goods offered at the flea market.  It was her first time coming to one, and she was very excited to see what great deals she could snag.

Sadly most of the stuff offered was tacky, large and not really something she wanted or could feasibly fit in their small apartment.

AN: Getting Baako to get out of bed and go anywhere without controlling him is such a pain!  Gah…Literally took me hours (in sim time)

08-14-17_9-45-25 PM

The trip wasn’t a total bust, she found a very pretty lamp that was a steal at $49.  She paid for it and had the lady set it aside for her until they were ready to head back upstairs.

Coreline turned to ask Baako what he wanted for lunch and discovered he was already gone.

08-14-17_9-45-47 PM

He seemed so distracted today.  He barely said a word to her all morning and hardly looked at or said anything to her while they were browsing.

‘What is his deal?’ She thought as she walked towards the food stalls.

08-14-17_10-14-59 PM

After they had finished eating, Coreline decided to try and figure out what was bugging him.  Something was definitely on his mind.

“So, are you okay?   You seem kind of…well distracted.”

Baako raised his eyebrow, “I’m fine.”

“Really?  I mean is it a work thing or-”

Baako interrupted her, raising his voice, “I’M FINE.”

Coreline was taken aback, this was completely unlike him!  They had been together almost eight months now and he had never acted like this before.  She pouted.

08-14-17_10-48-23 PM.png

“Well…I got some great news this morning,”  Coreline ventured cautiously.  “There’s this new neighborhood that just opened up in a town called Newcrest.  They offered us this giant plot of land at a steal!”  Coreline grew more excited as she talked, “I mean we could just start with small house and expand it over time but it’s to good not to pass up!”

Baako just stared at her for a moment, then finally replied.  “So…where was I when you just decided we would move anywhere?  My career is here, how am I supposed to find a job entertaining people in a town where there are no people?”

“Well I just got promoted to public relations coordinator, I make more than enough to cover any travel expenses.  You can fly back here for the weekends, or maybe we could even open up our own little bar there.  It won’t stay empty for long, and you will be the first entertainer ever there!  Plus we can’t start a family in this tiny apartment.”

He appeared to think it over for a minute then sighed.  “I…I don’t know.  I mean, I do want a family…it’s just.  It’s just all happening a little fast, you know?  I think I need some time to think things through.  I’m gonna grab the lamp and head home.”

08-14-17_10-47-03 PM

Baako kissed her on the top of the head and left Coreline to her thoughts.

08-14-17_10-50-24 PM

She ordered a pastry and as she munched on it she thought about their conversation.  He was acting so strange!  They made more than enough money for that not to be an issue…unless maybe he had debts or a problem of some kind?  Coreline shook her head at the thought.  She really hoped he realized what a great opportunity this was before it was too late.


The Culpepper’s Chapter 1.2

08-13-17_10-23-33 AM.png

A few weeks later Baako invited Coreline to the Humor and Hijinks festival, and how could she say no?  She had to go anyway for work, they wanted her to write an article on the festival.  The fact that Baako wanted to go with her was a nice surprise though, she hadn’t heard from him much since their drunken adventure at the lounge.

08-13-17_10-29-00 AM

08-13-17_10-34-05 AM

08-13-17_10-36-58 AM

Coreline had a blast.  Baako seemed like such a sweet, romantic guy.  She could picture spending the rest of her life with him, although maybe she was getting a bit ahead of herself.  They had only been on 2 dates after all.

At the end of the night Baako walked her home, kissed her goodbye and went back to his place.  Coreline was slightly disappointed that their night was already over, but a little happy that it appeared he was after more than just woohoo.

08-13-17_11-02-10 AM

Time flew by and Coreline & Baako grew closer and closer.

08-13-17_11-06-45 AM

08-13-17_11-17-25 AM

One day in the park, Coreline got a random whim to get married to Baako!  It must have been the warm spring breeze floating through the park or something.

08-13-17_11-21-54 AM

Baako was a little surprised, but was very flattered by the proposal.  Of course he said yes!

08-13-17_11-24-44 AM

Since there was already a wedding arch in the park, and they didn’t have any close friends or family in the city yet, they decided to tie the knot right then and there.

08-13-17_11-26-06 AM

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Culpepper!

All I ask is that you not die of embarrassment or pass out all over the place Baako…

The Culpepper’s Chapter 1.1

Coreline’s first day in an ISBI Legacy went about how I expected it would.  Nothing really happened, she spent most of the day on her computer working on her social media profile.

08-12-17_9-11-16 PM

After spending several hours playing Blicbloc I decided it was time to see if we could satisfy some of her aspiration requirements and test the waters for potential spouses.

08-12-17_9-16-08 PM

So Coreline soon found herself standing inside the elegant Stargazer Lounge.  Unfortunately, she arrived a little to early and she stood there nervously.  Unsure of what to do since the only sim here was the bartender.

08-12-17_9-16-23 PM

08-12-17_9-16-27 PM

08-12-17_9-16-35 PM

Not knowing what else to do, Coreline walked over to the bar and ordered a drink.  She didn’t have to be at work until late the next day and besides, it was five o’clock somewhere right?

08-12-17_9-30-06 PM

Coreline sipped her wine and admired the view.  It was certainly gorgeous up here, and it was so nice out!

08-12-17_9-29-29 PM

Maybe after a few drinks she would gather her courage and try some karaoke.  Especially before the lounge started filling up with people.  She didn’t think she was terrible, but she was certainly not great at it.

08-12-17_9-31-52 PM

Several glasses of wine later, Coreline found herself belting out the lyrics to all her favorite songs.  In her mind she was doing fantastic, she was hitting all the notes, all the right pitches.  She even remembered all the words!

Sadly what was actually coming from her mouth was something completely different, and a little terrifying…

The old couple who had wandered in somewhere in the middle of…this were not impressed at all and were very happy when she found her way offstage.

08-12-17_9-42-15 PM.png

Oblivious to their pointed stares and chuckling, Coreline sat down and ordered yet another drink…Oh boy.

08-12-17_9-51-25 PM

Then this handsome fella strolled up to the bar.  Coreline gathered her liquid courage and tried chatting him up.   She found out his name was Baako and he was a local entertainer.  He aspired to be a great musician, and had a great passion for music.  He also wanted a big happy family in the ‘burbs just like Coreline.

08-12-17_9-53-30 PM

They hit it off better than I thought they would and spent most of the evening talking and giggling on the sofa.

08-12-17_10-04-40 PM

It didn’t take long before things escalated.

08-12-17_10-17-14 PM

Next thing Coreline knew she was struggling through a massive headache and a plate of eggs while Baako slept.

Coreline usually didn’t woohoo on the first date, but she blamed too much nectar and a result of being lonely for too long.  The next time they saw each other, Coreline promised herself she wouldn’t touch a drop of nectar.  She needed a clear head to determine if Baako was the ‘one’.


AN: No offense to matt_ii5 but I don’t really care for the last name Persy, plus I don’t really want to use a last name that was thought of by someone else for my legacy if that makes sense.  So when Coreline gets married and moves to her ‘legacy lot’ she will get the legacy name as well. (I might be fudging some rules somewhere but I don’t care lol)



Hiatus Over!

Hello again, I am back!

I know I haven’t been very consistent with posting and keeping up with my stories.  A big part of that was dealing with save issues on my main computer where all the magic happens.  I finally gave up at trying to save any of it, save files, pictures, chapters I hadn’t posted.  There is no way for me to retrieve them anymore.  So I apologize if you were eagerly awaiting to find out what happened in my other stories but I am starting fresh on a new PC so there shouldn’t be anymore issues going forward.

I am going to start my new legacy challenge as an ISBI, otherwise known as I’m Surrounded By Idiots.  I loved doing these in the past and I really want to try my hand at it again.

So I am pleased to present Coreline Persy!  She will be starring in my legacy as the Torch Holder, however I cannot take the credit for creating such a pretty sim.  Any sims I create are either very basic or could star in an Uglacy…so thank you matt_ii5 for creating Coreline!

08-12-17_8-55-52 PM.png

She is cheerful, neat and  being family oriented, Coreline aspires to have a large happy family.  After suffering a nasty break up, Coreline has bounced back and is determined to find her happily ever after in the city of San Myshuno.  Maybe one day she and her future hubby can settle down in the ‘burbs and start a family, but for now her job as a media intern has her stuck in the city.

I plan on posting a minimum of twice a week, but if I have time or more energy you might see more posts than that.  At first there not be much of a story since it’s just Coreline and I can control her, but just hang in there.  After a few chapters I’m sure things will start to pick up.

Stay tuned for chapter one!