The Culpepper’s Chapter 1.2

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A few weeks later Baako invited Coreline to the Humor and Hijinks festival, and how could she say no?  She had to go anyway for work, they wanted her to write an article on the festival.  The fact that Baako wanted to go with her was a nice surprise though, she hadn’t heard from him much since their drunken adventure at the lounge.

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08-13-17_10-34-05 AM

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Coreline had a blast.  Baako seemed like such a sweet, romantic guy.  She could picture spending the rest of her life with him, although maybe she was getting a bit ahead of herself.  They had only been on 2 dates after all.

At the end of the night Baako walked her home, kissed her goodbye and went back to his place.  Coreline was slightly disappointed that their night was already over, but a little happy that it appeared he was after more than just woohoo.

08-13-17_11-02-10 AM

Time flew by and Coreline & Baako grew closer and closer.

08-13-17_11-06-45 AM

08-13-17_11-17-25 AM

One day in the park, Coreline got a random whim to get married to Baako!  It must have been the warm spring breeze floating through the park or something.

08-13-17_11-21-54 AM

Baako was a little surprised, but was very flattered by the proposal.  Of course he said yes!

08-13-17_11-24-44 AM

Since there was already a wedding arch in the park, and they didn’t have any close friends or family in the city yet, they decided to tie the knot right then and there.

08-13-17_11-26-06 AM

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Culpepper!

All I ask is that you not die of embarrassment or pass out all over the place Baako…


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