The Culpepper’s Chapter 1.1

Coreline’s first day in an ISBI Legacy went about how I expected it would.  Nothing really happened, she spent most of the day on her computer working on her social media profile.

08-12-17_9-11-16 PM

After spending several hours playing Blicbloc I decided it was time to see if we could satisfy some of her aspiration requirements and test the waters for potential spouses.

08-12-17_9-16-08 PM

So Coreline soon found herself standing inside the elegant Stargazer Lounge.  Unfortunately, she arrived a little to early and she stood there nervously.  Unsure of what to do since the only sim here was the bartender.

08-12-17_9-16-23 PM

08-12-17_9-16-27 PM

08-12-17_9-16-35 PM

Not knowing what else to do, Coreline walked over to the bar and ordered a drink.  She didn’t have to be at work until late the next day and besides, it was five o’clock somewhere right?

08-12-17_9-30-06 PM

Coreline sipped her wine and admired the view.  It was certainly gorgeous up here, and it was so nice out!

08-12-17_9-29-29 PM

Maybe after a few drinks she would gather her courage and try some karaoke.  Especially before the lounge started filling up with people.  She didn’t think she was terrible, but she was certainly not great at it.

08-12-17_9-31-52 PM

Several glasses of wine later, Coreline found herself belting out the lyrics to all her favorite songs.  In her mind she was doing fantastic, she was hitting all the notes, all the right pitches.  She even remembered all the words!

Sadly what was actually coming from her mouth was something completely different, and a little terrifying…

The old couple who had wandered in somewhere in the middle of…this were not impressed at all and were very happy when she found her way offstage.

08-12-17_9-42-15 PM.png

Oblivious to their pointed stares and chuckling, Coreline sat down and ordered yet another drink…Oh boy.

08-12-17_9-51-25 PM

Then this handsome fella strolled up to the bar.  Coreline gathered her liquid courage and tried chatting him up.   She found out his name was Baako and he was a local entertainer.  He aspired to be a great musician, and had a great passion for music.  He also wanted a big happy family in the ‘burbs just like Coreline.

08-12-17_9-53-30 PM

They hit it off better than I thought they would and spent most of the evening talking and giggling on the sofa.

08-12-17_10-04-40 PM

It didn’t take long before things escalated.

08-12-17_10-17-14 PM

Next thing Coreline knew she was struggling through a massive headache and a plate of eggs while Baako slept.

Coreline usually didn’t woohoo on the first date, but she blamed too much nectar and a result of being lonely for too long.  The next time they saw each other, Coreline promised herself she wouldn’t touch a drop of nectar.  She needed a clear head to determine if Baako was the ‘one’.


AN: No offense to matt_ii5 but I don’t really care for the last name Persy, plus I don’t really want to use a last name that was thought of by someone else for my legacy if that makes sense.  So when Coreline gets married and moves to her ‘legacy lot’ she will get the legacy name as well. (I might be fudging some rules somewhere but I don’t care lol)




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