Hiatus Over!

Hello again, I am back!

I know I haven’t been very consistent with posting and keeping up with my stories.  A big part of that was dealing with save issues on my main computer where all the magic happens.  I finally gave up at trying to save any of it, save files, pictures, chapters I hadn’t posted.  There is no way for me to retrieve them anymore.  So I apologize if you were eagerly awaiting to find out what happened in my other stories but I am starting fresh on a new PC so there shouldn’t be anymore issues going forward.

I am going to start my new legacy challenge as an ISBI, otherwise known as I’m Surrounded By Idiots.  I loved doing these in the past and I really want to try my hand at it again.

So I am pleased to present Coreline Persy!  She will be starring in my legacy as the Torch Holder, however I cannot take the credit for creating such a pretty sim.  Any sims I create are either very basic or could star in an Uglacy…so thank you matt_ii5 for creating Coreline!

08-12-17_8-55-52 PM.png

She is cheerful, neat and  being family oriented, Coreline aspires to have a large happy family.  After suffering a nasty break up, Coreline has bounced back and is determined to find her happily ever after in the city of San Myshuno.  Maybe one day she and her future hubby can settle down in the ‘burbs and start a family, but for now her job as a media intern has her stuck in the city.

I plan on posting a minimum of twice a week, but if I have time or more energy you might see more posts than that.  At first there not be much of a story since it’s just Coreline and I can control her, but just hang in there.  After a few chapters I’m sure things will start to pick up.

Stay tuned for chapter one!



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