The Covingtons 1.3

05-22-17_2-41-53 PM.png

‘Great, just what I needed right before work.  Today of all days!’  Mara let out an exasperated sigh as water was flooding the bathroom.

-What, pregnancy life not treating you well there Mara?-

‘Har har, very funny.  You know tonight is a big night why can’t you just magically fix these!  My promotion is on the line, and this parasite had me up all night…everything I touch breaks, ugh!’

“You alright in there honey?”  Salim called from the kitchen.

-Dawww he called you honey!  How sweet, and yes the pun was intentional.-

Mara rolled her eyes up at the ceiling, ‘You’re so lame for an omnipresent being, whatever I have to get out of here, the water is everywhere.’

“Yea, I’m coming out!”  She yelled back.

05-22-17_2-43-20 PM

“There’s my girl!  How are we feeling today?”  Salim asked sweetly as he pulled her into his arms.

Mara’s brow furrowed, “We are feeling terrible…everything in the bathroom is broken and I don’t have the time to fix it, I’m exhausted this, this thing in me,”  She gestured towards her stomach, “Kept me up all night and I have the biggest performance of my career tonight and-”

05-22-17_2-43-03 PM

Salim pulled her closer and silenced her with a kiss.

“Hush, my love.  I’ll take care of the house, you just rest up and get ready for work.”

Mara gave him a smile and kissed him back, “Oh thank you!  You are too good for me, but I’ve gotta run see you later tonight!”

-Mara do you really think he’s gonna fix the bathroom while you’re gone?-

‘Um, why wouldn’t he?  He said he would.’

-Uh, well yes.  He did say that, but you clearly don’t know this sim as well as I do.-

‘And just what is that supposed to mean?  Salim is great!’

-Ooookay, whatever you say.-


05-22-17_3-00-58 PM

While Mara was away at work, Salim did what I do whenever I’m home.  Play The Sims all day!  I really thought he was going to be stuck on the computer for eight hours but he surprised me.

05-22-17_2-59-39 PM

He did all the dishes in the house and then went right back to The Sims…

05-22-17_3-04-15 PM

Not long after Salim went to bed (having played the Sims to near exhaustion) Mara came home!  Judging by the smile on her face I can see we might have some good news!

-So how did work go?  Get that promotion?!-

‘Heck yes!  You bet I did!  I am now the opening act, and if I work on my routines I might even get to be a jokesmith!  I wonder if Salim got around to the plants today…’  Mara looked exhausted despite her cheerfulness.

-Well, I wouldn’t hold your breath…-

05-22-17_3-07-55 PM

“Well, that was more exhausting than I thought it would be…” Mara muttered as she walked towards the front door, having just finished watering and weeding the garden.

05-22-17_3-08-38 PM

When she walked inside we were both pleased to find that the house remained intact and hadn’t burnt to the ground.

05-22-17_3-09-21 PM

But Mara quickly discovered that Salim had completely neglected to call the plumber out to fix literally everything in the bathroom.

05-22-17_3-10-37 PM

So she had to take matters into her own hands, which resulted in nearly flooding the entire bathroom.

05-22-17_3-12-18 PM

By the time Mara finished with all the chores, and cooked dinner it was long past midnight.  Since she was a little stressed from such a long day she decided to unwind with a little gaming despite the late hour.

05-22-17_3-15-06 PM

When Salim just waltzes in and plops down on the couch with just a simple, “Hey, babe.”

“Yea!  Take THAT Mannimarco!”

-Jeez, Mara, you might want to watch where you point that thing.  You almost knocked yourself out.

Mara just rolled her eyes, and then finally noticed Salim sitting next to her.

05-22-17_3-15-38 PM

“Oh, um hey.  Sooo…had a busy day I take it?”  Mara asked, still miffed about having to spend most of her night sprucing up the place.

Salim shrugged, “Eh, wasn’t that bad.  Did some dishes, played the Sims.  Okay well a lot of the sims, my family has come so far!  They used to live in a shack and now-”

“So you just sat there and played sims all day?!  All you had to do was call a plumber out to fix the bathroom!  I’m practically in my second trimester and my bladder is growing ever smaller,  I NEED A TOILET.”  She glared at him.

He chuckled nervously, “Oh.  I knew there was something I was forgetting to do!  Jeez, babe, it’s not that big of a deal.  I mean it got fixed in the end, right?  Your hormones are probably just making you overreact.”

05-22-17_3-15-58 PM

-Oooooooooh, no he didn’t!!!  Are you just going to sit there and let him play the hormone card, Mara?  He didn’t even ask you about your big night!

Mara just focused on the screen and on blowing up creatures she pretended were Salim with her magical abilities.

-Alright, fine.  Don’t let out your anger, just keep it all nice and locked up inside.  I’m sure that’ll work out in the end.   That can’t be good for the baby.

‘Ugh!  Just SHUT UP!’  Mara thought, rather loudly.   How rude!

Fine then, until next time.


Hey there!  I hope you enjoyed this chapter,  I decided to switch up my writing a little bit.   I’m still trying to find what works for me, but the inconsistency is making me a bit twitchy so I hope I figure it out soon.

Also, sorry it’s taken so long for this chapter.  I am still adjusting to some changes in my life and things are a little erratic now, to say the least.  

Anyhoo, Happy Simming!






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