The Covingtons 1.2

05-17-17_11-50-20 AM

So I got a little lazy and decided to download a cute house off the gallery instead of building one.  Apparently building a house on a laptop is a bigger pain than I thought!

Thank you to Rossumke for creating this house, you can find it for under $7k on the gallery. (Sans furniture)

05-17-17_11-50-47 AM

Since there wasn’t much money left over there wasn’t much I could do in the way of furniture, but I’m sure Mara will take care of that.

‘Say what now…this wasn’t a part of the deal and-‘

05-17-17_11-51-46 AM.png

Ahem!  As I was saying, here is the Kitchen.  A bit cramped and a lot beige, I’m sure something can be done to make this cute.

05-18-17_11-24-59 AM.png

Here is the bathroom, simple yet elegant-

‘Excuse you!  Can’t a girl pee in peace?’

Well I waited until you were done…

Mara just glares up at the ceiling.

05-17-17_11-52-24 AM.png

Last but not least we have a cute, yet small, loft bedroom.  This will probably be the first room to expand, we are going to need the space for her future spouse.

Speaking of spouses…

05-17-17_12-03-37 PM

Nice catch!

‘I know right?! Who knew I was such an angler’

Uhhh….getting hungry?

‘Maybe, why?’

*cough cough*  Oh, nothing…

(author’s note:  I love Salem Benali, it must be his little top bun or something.  Maybe the beard.  *shrug* A good portion of my sim families are related to him in some way.)

Mara turned and caught the aroma of burgers wafting over, and must have decided she was hungry after all.  But really it was that cute little top bun. 😉

‘HEY!  Cut that sh-‘

MARA, the children!  Anyway I’ll turn this over to her.  *Grabs popcorn*

05-17-17_12-15-11 PM.png

“Hey, my name is Mara.  I’m kinda new to the neighborhood and just wanted to say hi.  Is that…fruit?”  Mara wrinkled her nose.

The man next to her chuckled, “Yes that is fruit, I grilled it.  And my name is Salem.  Salem Benali.  It’s actually quite good,”  He gestured towards the plate, “Try some, I promise you it won’t disappoint.”  Salem winked at her.

05-17-17_12-15-52 PM.png

Mara looked at the browned fruit dubiously, and took a small plate.  Her eyes widened as she took a bite.  “Oh my god, that is good!”

05-17-17_12-21-41 PM.png

Salem laughed, “Right??”

05-17-17_12-21-04 PM.png

After chatting for awhile they both said their goodbyes and even exchanged numbers!  Do I detect the chaos of toddlers in the near future?!

‘Agh!  Would you just stop already!’

Fine, fine.

05-17-17_12-29-37 PM.png

Mara decides to finish up her day with a bit of gardening, she managed to find some flowers that were actually in bloom this early on.  I was pleasantly surprised, haha.

‘Don’t doubt my gardening skills, I am a botanist.  In fact, I think I could live just off the money I make selling these flowers.’

05-18-17_1-42-34 PM.png

Those are mounds of dirt…

05-18-17_1-44-52 PM.png

‘I see your point.  Okay, I might just need a part time thing until I get my garden up and going.’

Well, the whole wide world of Newcrest awaits you!  I’m sure we will all be eagerly awaiting your decision, but nobody wants to sit here and watch you stare at the wall for five hours while you try to decide what you want to do for a living.

So, until next time!

(Maybe we can get her to invite Salem over and have some fun…*laughs maniacally)

‘Hey!  I heard th-‘

You heard nothing.



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