The Covingtons 1.1

Welcome all to a new ISBI (I’m surrounded by Idiots) Challenge!  I still want to continue my other story, Dawn of The Others.  However I am having a hard time keeping up with it during classes.   So in the meantime, I have a fun new legacy for you to hopefully enjoy!

05-17-17_9-41-21 AM.png

Anywhoo meet Mara Covington, she is an outdoors enthusiast who loves plants and dreams of owning a beautiful flower garden on a grand estate that she can pass down to generation after generation.

05-17-17_11-19-21 AM.png

‘Wait, what.  Hold the phone.  Who are you exactly, and WHAT is happening here?’

I am your creator Mara, and I’m currently explaining how I want you to live your life  just going over with these lovely people what your plans are for the future.

*Smiles innocently*

05-17-17_11-21-47 AM.png

‘…Um.  There’s an audience?’


05-17-17_11-22-49 AM.png

‘And you created me?  How come I’ve never seen or heard anything like this before?!  OMG.  I’m going crazy.’

05-17-17_11-25-39 AM.png


NO Mara.  You aren’t crazy.  And I’m only appearing to you know because I chose to.  I created you and I can appear or disappear when I want.

‘So you just sat there and watched in 3rd grade when Ryan pantsed me in front of the whole class?’

05-17-17_11-26-07 AM.png



05-17-17_11-25-56 AM.png

Well…about that…

So anyway enough introductions for today, let’s let Mara go scavenge the neighborhood for collectibles.  Hopefully she’ll find enough so she can actually sleep on a bed tonight.

‘What?!  Where’s my house?!  What about a grand estate?!’

05-17-17_9-40-13 AM.png

Well…you see these things take time and-

Okay, fine.  Let’s just be honest.  It is way more fun this way.


Ah, that’s my girl.  Don’t worry I’ll catch you up to speed later.

Well now that she’s off doing her thing, time for the boring part.  The rules!

You can read the rules in their entirety here, I will touch on them briefly.


The current score will be posted at the end of each generation.  I know that is a long time to wait for the score, so if you are eager to see how things are going you can always check my spreadsheet.  There may be spoilers since I play ahead, but if you are still curious click here.


The heir, or torchholder, will be chosen equally using one of Pinstar’s succession laws.

  • Strict Equality: The founder may be of either gender. However, only children of the opposite gender to the founder are eligible to be named heir. This repeats itself for the next generation (the next heir must be a different gender than the previous heir) so that each generation will have alternating-genders as heirs.
  • Tolerant – The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status

For all the traits I will be using Pinstar’s random trait generator, to add some fun to game.


Contrary to what Mara thinks I am going to start her off with a simple house.  I accidentally moved her into San Myshuno without thinking so she only has $7,000 left after moving to Newcrest.  I don’t really feel like buying a bunch of knight statues and let them clutter up my inventory.  (As an MMO player I absolutely detest wasted inventory space)

Anywhoo, the torchholder is only ever allowed to move out of the estate to continue to build the neighborhood of Newcrest.  BUT the torchholder MUST sign the property over to their sibling who must continue to pass the house down to their children and so forth.  The torchholder must move back if their are no heirs left to inherit the house.

Enough of the rules!

Time for me to build Mara a house and watch the drama unfold!




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