Chapter 5:  Folklore & Legends

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Aaron sat and stared out into the forest, in front of him a notebook laid open with half scribbled thoughts covering the pages.  Next to the notebook were several volumes of gardening Encyclopedias.  He rubbed his eyes and let out a big sigh, he had spent weeks pouring over these heavy books and had yet to find anything remotely close to the plants that were growing down in the grotto, cave thing.

By now he had given up trying to find a way out.  The first few days he was allowed to have his own room and somewhat more freedom, he spent them exploring every nook and cranny.

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04-01-17_2-34-05 PM (2)

He found that there were two doors that led outside, one was locked and no amount of budging or prying could get it to open.

04-01-17_2-31-44 PM (2).png

The other door led to a small patio with an easel and an outdoor shower.  Of course, he noticed this after running to the edge of the fence hoping he could jump or climb down.

04-01-17_2-32-15 PM (2)

04-01-17_2-12-21 PM (2).png

His last bit of hope drained away as he looked over the edge.  It was too high up to risk jumping, and there were thorny vines and brambles covering the entire wall preventing him from climbing down.

04-01-17_2-13-02 PM (2).png

Even the windows seemed stuck shut.

04-01-17_2-42-04 PM

At least I have windows…‘  He reflected, remembering how dark and depressing that dungeon was.

Suddenly the wind shifted and the sound of voices carried over to him, snapping him out of his thoughts.

04-01-17_2-42-24 PM.png

“-you may not,”  A female voice said curtly.   He recognized it as belonging to the woman who had imprisoned him here.

“But I’ve never seen a human before!  This might be my only chance…”  A strange female voice said petulantly.  Her words fading as the wind changed directions again.

04-01-17_2-48-21 PM.png

Aaron started as he realized what was being said.  ‘Never seen a human?’  He thought, puzzled.  ‘What on earth is going on?!’

He scrambled away from the chair and raced inside trying to get a glimpse of the woman who spoke.

04-01-17_2-48-44 PM.png

By the time he got to the window there was no one there, but he caught just a glimpse of somebody disappearing into the distance.

04-01-17_2-54-59 PM.png

Feeling confused he turned around and sunk into the sofa.  After staring aimlessly at the books for several minutes one title, in particular, caught his eye.

04-01-17_2-56-09 PM.png

04-01-17_2-56-51 PM.png

Folklore & Legends Vol. 2 Flora

04-01-17_3-00-18 PM.png

‘I wonder…’  His confusion slowly turned to curiosity as he flipped through the pages.  It listed magical properties for a ridiculous amount of herbs and plants.  As he flipped through he saw all the plants that were in the encyclopedias he had spent the past several weeks scouring, as well as a few he had never even heard of before.

04-01-17_3-01-13 PM.png

“THAT’S IT!”  He exclaimed,  finally finding information on one of the plants he was supposed to be tending.  He had no idea what any of the plants were or how to care for them so every morning he had just been watering them and hoping for the best.  He was pleased to see they didn’t need any special nutrients or much sunlight but found out that adding a certain type of manure would make the plants thrive and if the plants thrived…he could go home!  Maybe…hopefully.

Still, he was cheered up by the thought of going home, even though it wasn’t a guarantee.

04-01-17_3-02-09 PM.png

With a new spring in his step, he bounded down the staircase and into the grotto.  A tiny bit of hope sparked in his chest.

04-01-17_3-03-34 PM.png



Sorry for the unexpectedly long hiatus, I recently went back to school (After about 5 years) and am super busy between homework and work.  I still plan on posting more chapters and the next one will be up tomorrow since this was kind of short.  However, updates will be irregular for now; at least until I get my personal life balanced out.  I am going to shoot for at least one chapter a week at a bare minimum.

Thank you for understanding!



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