Chapter 3:  The Strange Visitor

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Aaron gasped as a gorgeous woman dressed in old victorian style clothes entered the room.  She looked absolutely stunning, there was an almost ethereal quality to her beauty.

02-25-17_4-35-36 PM.png

He sat there staring at this woman wordlessly as she set a sandwich and a glass of orange juice down.

02-25-17_4-31-16 PM.png

She gave him an odd look, before soundlessly retreating.  When he heard the lock click into place he let out the breath he didn’t realize he was holding.

02-25-17_4-31-39 PM.png

His hungry gaze instantly went down to the food, and before he knew it the food was gone way to soon.



Aaron felt slightly better, but he felt more tired now than before.  His stomach still rumbled hungrily for more food but he tried to push that feeling out of mind as he sank back down onto the bed.  As he laid down he noticed he smelled terribly, but he certainly wasn’t about to use that old toilet to wash up…

At some point he fell asleep, with nothing else to do he found himself doing a lot of that lately.

02-25-17_4-48-29 PM.png

The strange woman came back every now and then.  Sometimes she left a glass of water, or on rarer occasions a glass of ice cold orange juice.  And just when he was so hungry he thought he couldn’t bear it anymore, she would leave him a meager sandwich.  Just enough to take the edge off.

02-25-17_4-32-52 PM.png

Because of his deprived state, he no longer questioned mundane things like the passing of time, or how to escape.  For him there was no escape, the only thing he had to look forward to was his next chance at food.


And after countless visits, he still failed to notice that the strange woman left no footprints as she came and went from the room.


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