Chapter 1: Abducted

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Aaron stretched out in his bed and was about to turn back over and go to sleep when he realized his bed was a lot lumpier than usual.  His pillow was also a lot flatter and smelled a little…musty?

02-24-17_3-12-27 AM.png

He slowly opened his eyes, and immediately sat up, fully awake.

“What the…” was all he could muster as he took in his strange, new surroundings.

Aaron wracked his brain trying to figure out how he had gotten here and started to panic slightly when he couldn’t recall even the slightest thing.  It was almost like someone had taken a big chunk out of his memories.  The last thing he remembered was falling asleep in his bed.  At home.

Whatever this place was…it was certainly nowhere near home.

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Feeling slightly defeated, and more than a little nervous, Aaron slowly got up and walked towards the door.  Listening carefully for anything, any clue that might reveal where he was and why he was here.

02-24-17_3-17-20 AM.png

Hearing nothing but a deafening silence, he cautiously reached for the doorknob praying that it would be unlocked…of course, no such luck there.

Turning around, Aaron surveyed the room looking for another possible way out.  Or maybe a way to unlock the door.  He had never picked a lock before but he certainly had the time to learn now.


Unfortunately, the only other thing in the room was an old creaky toilet and an equally old violin, covered in a thick layer of dust.

Actually, he realized, the whole room was covered in dust.  He was also puzzled that his footprints were the only ones in the room.

Surely if someone locked him in here, then there would be some sign of it on the old dusty floor.

02-24-17_3-11-53 AM.png

Now Aaron was even more confused and wondered if this was even real.

Maybe it was all just some weird dream?



And that concludes the first chapter in my new series, Dawn of The Others!  I apologize for the long absence, life and computer issues prevented me from continuing with my previous stories.  However, I have played Aaron’s family for a few generations now and am quite attached to them, so I decided to incorporate him into this fun new series.  

This whole story, or series is basically a prologue to the Apocalypse Challenge which I have been dying to try, but I wanted to start it out with a bit of a twist.  So, here we are!  🙂

Well I hope you enjoyed it, and the next chapter will be out soon (don’t worry they won’t all be this short)!   I plan on doing updates two or three times a week for now at least. 

PS:  Please excuse my actual blog page for the moment,  I have not yet had a chance to update it but am planning on a revamp soon! 🙂


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