Chapter 2: Time Stands Still

02-25-17_10-39-30 AM.png

It could have been days, hours or merely even minutes since Aaron had woken up in this strange little room.

Although he was fairly sure at least a few hours had passed.  But it wasn’t like there was anyway to tell, there were no clocks, or even windows in this cramped prison.


He sighed, and laid back on the bed.  Being stuck in this stuffy, dirty room was starting to make him restless.  His home back in Newcrest was very open and was surrounded by wildlife and greenery.  So, naturally he never spent much time inside.

02-19-17_7-59-38 PM (2).png

Aaron continued thinking about home, he wondered what his mother and his crazy siblings were up to.  He was worried for them.


Ever since his stepfather had died 8 years ago, he had been helping raise his brother and sisters.

02-24-17_12-19-59 PM.png

He missed them so much.  He just wanted to go home!  His sadness quickly turned into anger, and he leapt off the bed and began pounding and kicking at the door hoping to break through it.

02-24-17_12-16-16 PM.png

Blinded by his anger, he failed to notice the strange breeze that seemed to blow through the cracks in the wall behind him, followed by a faint hissing noise.

02-25-17_10-53-52 AM.png

The last thing he remembered before his world went dark, was the feeling of something sharp pricking his skin.

02-25-17_2-23-04 PM.png

When Aaron woke up, he found himself laying crumpled on the cold, stone floor.  With the events from the day (had it been that long?) before fuzzy and hard to recall.

He was so thirsty and hungry, it would have been hard to think about anything else anyway.  His head was pounding and he was starting to think he was going to starve here.  Aaron managed to crawl somewhat onto the bed, but it took what little energy he had left.

02-24-17_12-17-57 PM.png

Some indeterminable amount of time later, he heard a soft rapping at the door. At first he could hardly believe what he was hearing and thought his mind was playing tricks with him…until the quiet knocking continued.

02-24-17_12-17-12 PM.png

He was frantically wondering what to do when the door slowly creaked open.

02-25-17_2-28-58 PM.png

Aaron let out a gasp.


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